FentyBeauty: It's Diverse...But is it Worth Your Coins?


If you thought your love and obsession for Rihanna couldn't get any stronger, well think again. Our favorite bad gal, Rih Rih, launched her much awaited makeup line on September 7, 2017. FentyBeauty products come with several riveting features, the most impressive being the 40 different shades of foundation. Yes, FORTY different shades ranging from a very pale color to a very dark shade. The makeup line also includes very pigmented highlighters (Killawat), shimmer skin sticks (Match Stix), Primer (Pro Filt'r), mattifying powder (invisimatte), and a lip illuminator (gloss bomb). Rihanna's goal during creation of her makeup was to create more ethnic inclusion,

"...I wanted all girls to feel included," says Rihanna. 

"...it pains me. You're either too pale, they tell you, or too dark and I don't believe in that. I believe that everybody has their shade, somebody just needs to make it," she continues. 

It's no secret that for people of color it can be very difficult to find the perfect shade to compliment your skin tone. Rihanna's overall mission is to combat that issue. FentyBeauty truly offers something special for everyone and shows us that there is beauty in diversity. 

Now, you're probably thinking, "Diversity and inclusion is important but....are the products worth my coins....


Personally, the day after the launch, I hurried to Sephora to get my hands on some Fenty products. I purchased the Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Foundation, a Killawat highlighter, the match stix trio, and the gloss bomb. I also got a sample of instant retouch primer (because I'm stuck on my original Benefit primer). 

Being that I am an oily skin girl, I was nervous about using the foundation. However, after applied, I notice that the foundation sets very matte...to the point that the foundation looks like skin. The coverage is very buildable as well. I think this foundation is perfect for oily and combo skin individuals. (Here's a tip: apply the foundation with a brush and not with a beauty blender or sponge...it'll soak up a lot of the product). After wearing it, I noticed that I didn't get very oily and it stayed matte the duration of the entire day. 

The Killawat highlighter is amazing. At first, I purchased 'trophy wife' but after trying it on I noticed that it was too yellow (for my skin tone) I looked like the tin man from The Wiz.


Trophy Wife is beautifully pigmented but the gold was too intense for me. That highlighter seems like it wouldn't be good for an everyday look if you're not a makeup artist or a Sephora employee. Hence, I'm neither so I exchanged it for Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby a soft and peachy champagne color (can be used for an everyday look). 

The gloss bomb is literally.... bomb. You can wear it solo or wear it over a lipstick. The product smells good too. The match stix trio and the primer are also pretty great. 

So to answer your question, YES. FentyBeauty is worth your coins. Let's not forget that the products are surprisingly affordable, so it doesn't hurt to try it out. I encourage you to do so. It may become one of your favorite makeup brands.