What 90s Sitcoms Taught Me: What You’ve Been Looking For Might Be Right In Front of You

It's safe to say that the 90's were a great era for Black relationships on television. Some of the most legendary Black television shows had some of the most heart-tugging romantic chases ever seen. One of the many things that I learned while watching these shows is that sometimes we have to stop ignoring the ones that want us because we THINK that we don't want them. Sometimes, what we are looking for is right there in front of us. Take these couples for example: 

Whitley & Dwayne on 'A Different World'
Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison



Ah, young collegiate love. We've all been there...but was it as epic as Whitley & Dwayne? Probably not, but that's okay. This dynamic duo taught us that opposites really do attract. Whitley never thought that Dwayne was her type of guy until he made her fall in love with him. These two really pioneered #relationshipgoals.


One of my favorite moments of theirs is the ICONIC wedding scene...when Dwayne begged Whitley to marry him instead of the other guy. "Baby, Please!!" Ahh, that scene was hands down the most riveting wedding scenes that I had ever seen on television. 


Jamie King & Fancy on ’The Jamie Foxx Show’  
Jamie Foxx and Garcelle Beauvais


Jamie King’s constant pursuit of Fancy Monroe was iconic. When Jamie wasn’t clowning one of television’s corniest characters, Braxton P. Hartnabrig, his focus was on getting his co-worker Fancy to take him and his interest in her, seriously. After constant chasing, Jamie and Fancy finally got together. Their relationship wasn’t perfect…(especially when ole girl that Jamie was singing with kept pushing up on him and kissed him on stage while performing)... but their relationship was unique and perfectly tailored for them. When the pair tied the knot, Jamie made sure to serenade his woman at the altar singing, “…we will show our kids…they will tell their kids.. what mom and daddy did, on the day I married my angel.” Swoons. When Fancy traded in those prestigious, ‘pretty-boy’, stuck up fella’s that she was used to for the jokester, family man, and loving Jamie King, she found her soulmate. This show really taught us that sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone in order to find true love. 

Nikki Parker & Professor Stanley Oglevee on ‘The Parkers’
Monique & Dorien Wilson


It’s safe to say that we never thought these two would become a pair...willingly. Nikki spent the course of the entire show chasing (or should I say stalking...) Professor Oglevee to no avail. Although Professor Oglevee was not feeling Nikki whatsoever, it was always evident through episodes that he cared deeply for her as a friend...or so we thought. A few episodes before the series finale, Nikki fell for a man that was totally interested in her and unlike Professor Oglevee, the man wanted her as much as she wanted him. The romantic...and very fine chef, Johnny, connected with Nikki over their history of coming off aggressive to the ones that they loved. It was evident that the two were perfect for each other. The dude even proposed to her! Nikki quickly accepts and nuptials are quickly arranged for the two. Then, just like a typical man, the Professor decides that he loves Miss Parker and can’t stand to see her loving somebody else. He ends up breaking up the wedding and marrying Nikki himself. 

A lot of the times we, as humans, think that we know what we want. But, in reality, what we want sometimes is the total opposite from what makes us truly happy. It’s true that when God wants us to grow, he’ll make us uncomfortable. Give that guy/girl a chance that has been trying to get your attention for years instead of curving them. Try dating women/men that are opposite of the type that you usually go for. You never know, you could be blocking your blessings, honey!