Hella Prepared: 10 'Insecure' Quotes That Are Sure To Get You Through The Awkward Holiday Dinners 


It’s pretty obvious that Insecure is one of the most relatable shows on television today. The show is so well written and realistically hilarious, you are sure to find yourself relating to so many quotes and situations that you may lose count. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it is time for us to prepare for those long and awkward family dinners. The dinners where your aunts are questioning what you want to do with the rest of your life, your parents are worried about who you’re dating, and your uncles are asking about old friends that you no longer have. With all of the awkward conversations that are bound to take place at the dinner table this holiday season, take notes from the show's creator Issa Rae (the queen of awkward situations). 

For your parents, who are probably wondering why you are still single and not married yet:

Issa: "I'm just not....right now!"

For the family member who likes to date outside of their race only because they believe that all black women are bitter:

Issa: “Black women aren’t bitter, they’re just tired of being expected to settle for less.” 

For the relative who wants to be roommates with you:

Issa: “Honestly, I want to live by myself.”

For the auntie who’s wondering when you are going to settle down:

Molly: “You gotta kiss a lot of frogs to get a good frog.”


For those wondering what happened to an old friend and/or an ex-significant other:

Issa: “To be honest, f*** them”

(p.s. avoid dropping the f bomb....try saying "forget them" instead lol)


For those relatives that like to say that you are always overdressed: 

Tiffany: “I love how you just, like, don’t even care.” 



For the family member who is convinced that you are “too difficult” to deal with because you’re single or always having relationship problems:

Molly: “Just because we have standards does not make us difficult”



To the misogynistic relative that believes that women are always treated as equally as men (especially in the workplace) :

Molly: “Right, because everyone automatically listens to a woman when she opens her mouth.”


To your partner-in-crime relative, after you bring them some liquor to help cope with the holiday stresses:

Kelli: “Don’t drink it straight, it’s hella cheap”


To yourself (and your partner-in-crime relative) for being able to make it through the entire day without having to go off on anybody:

Kelli: "You know what that is.....growth."


Go ahead and flourish....be great this holiday season!