Te'Lor Starr 



Te'Lor (Tay-lor) Starr, 26, is a Tupac Shakur and Shonda Rhimes loving writer. She is currently studying at the University of Central Missouri working to obtain her Master's degree in Mass Communications. UCM is also the institution where she obtained her Bachelor of Science. Starr has a background in many different areas of mass media as well as experience writing scripts, PSAs, proposals, and many other things. She currently lives in her hometown Kansas City, Missouri. Her aspirations are to become a media professional and/or being a writer for print, television, radio, and/or film. She is also studying to perfect production, public relations, as well as marketing. Her future goal is to pursue a Ph.D. in Journalism.  

Being an avid reader, it was natural for Starr to begin pinning her own books, ones that she hopes to publish soon. Her motivation to create this blog was to be able to freely express herself on a platform while creating a portfolio for future endeavors. She uses a creative combinative method of public entertainment with her imagination to create interesting fictional works. Using the same method in combination with her own opinion to create interesting content for blogs. 

If you know Te'lor personally, then you know that she is constantly on a journey of self-growth. This blog site is another step in her journey. She hopes that this blog inspires others to read and write more. 

For Te'Lor, it was always reading books and writing that ignited the creative spark in her, even at a very young age. This spark would continue to be lit throughout her entire life.

Want to collaborate? Need some writing done for your website? Feel free to contact me directly, via email at astoldbytelor@gmail.com

Thank you for the support, much love!!